PHP - remove tag from string


Hey, I need to delete all images from a string and I just can't find the right way to do it.

Here is what I tryed, but it doesn't work:

preg_replace("/<img[^>]+\>/i", "(image) ", $content);
echo $content;

Any ideas?

7/10/2009 12:54:45 AM

Accepted Answer

Try dropping the \ in front of the >.

Edit: I just tested your regex and it works fine. This is what I used:

    $content = "this is something with an <img src=\"test.png\"/> in it.";
    $content = preg_replace("/<img[^>]+\>/i", "(image) ", $content); 
    echo $content;

The result is:

this is something with an (image)  in it.
2/4/2011 5:02:57 PM

You need to assign the result back to $content as preg_replace does not modify the original string.

$content = preg_replace("/<img[^>]+\>/i", "(image) ", $content);

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