intl extension: installing php_intl.dll


I'm trying to locate php_intl.dll and install it.

Does anyone have any tips?

12/11/2012 5:33:14 PM

Accepted Answer

The packages at all contain the php\_intl.dll which is located in the subdir ext/.
All you have to do is to check if your extension_dir points to the right directory and add (or uncomment) the extension=php\_intl.dll directive.

7/16/2018 12:00:55 PM

For the php_intl.dll extension to work correctly, you need to have the following files in a folder in your PATH:

  • icudt36.dll
  • icuin36.dll
  • icuio36.dll
  • icule36.dll
  • iculx36.dll
  • icutu36.dll
  • icuuc36.dll

By default they're sitting in your PHP directory, but that directory isn't necessarily in your PATH (it wasn't for me, using xampp)

This has to be in your global path, not just your user's path. To set the global path, go to system info (windows key + PAUSE), then Advanced System Settings (Vista+) or Advanced (XP) and click the "Environment Variables" button and add the appropriate directory to the PATH variable in the System Variables list.

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