Magento - Displaying Configurable Product Options under a Grouped Product


I am trying to create a grouped product by grouping some configurable products. I know it is possible. The grouped products attributes should be set to Not Required. This is found on Inchoo's website.

What I am trying to achieve here is that, I want to show the options of the configurable under the grouped products grid.

For example, I have a product range called Melina Table. This will be a grouped product to show 5 sizes of the product and customer can pick one. But under the 5 sizes, there will be two colour options each.

I am struggling to find a straight forward solution for this.

Any kind of help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

11/14/2009 9:01:11 PM

Accepted Answer

I'm confused as to why you are using a grouped product for this. A grouped product should be a set of different products, such as a computer, monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

When you have something that has sizes and colors, but is essentially the same product, you really only need to make 1 configurable product.

You can create a configurable product with any number of attributes that it's based off of. If you make a configurable product based on size and color, then create all your options (simple products), Magento will be smart enough to make it work. You'll see two dropdown menus to select on the product view page, and after you select the first, the second will update accordingly.

Hope that helps.

11/14/2009 10:29:50 PM

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