How to check the presence of php and apache on ubuntu server through ssh


How can I check whether apache is installed with php and mysql on Ubuntu server through ssh?

Also if it is installed, in which directory?

And if in case some other package is installed, like lighttpd, where that is.

11/8/2013 1:14:13 AM

Accepted Answer

Type aptitude to start the package manager. There you can see which applications are installed.

Use / to search for packages. Try searching for apache2 and php5 (or whatever versions you want to use). If they are installed, they should be bold and have an i in front of them. If they are not installed (p in front of the line) and you want to install them (and you have root permissions), use + to select them and then g (twice) to install it.

Word of warning: Before doing that, it might be wise to have a quick look at some aptitude tutorial on the web.

11/21/2009 6:49:06 PM

Another way to find out if a program is installed is by using the which command. It will show the path of the program you're searching for. For example if when your searching for apache you can use the following command:

$ which apache2ctl

And if you searching for PHP try this:

$ which php

If the which command doesn't give any result it means the software is not installed (or is not in the current $PATH):

$ which php

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