How to access PHP variables in JavaScript or jQuery rather than


How do I access PHP variables in JavaScript or jQuery? Do I have to write

<?php echo $variable1 ?>
<?php echo $variable2 ?>
<?php echo $variable3 ?>
<?php echo $variablen ?>

I know I can store some variables in cookies, and access these values via cookies, but values in cookies are relatively stable values. Moreover, there is a limit, you can not store many values in cookies, and the method is not that convenient. Is there a better way to do it?

4/11/2011 5:45:19 PM

Accepted Answer

Your example shows the most simple way of passing PHP variables to JavaScript. You can also use json_encode for more complex things like arrays:

    $simple = 'simple string';
    $complex = array('more', 'complex', 'object', array('foo', 'bar'));
<script type="text/javascript">
    var simple = '<?php echo $simple; ?>';
    var complex = <?php echo json_encode($complex); ?>;

Other than that, if you really want to "interact" between PHP and JavaScript you should use Ajax.

Using cookies for this is a very unsafe and unreliable way, as they are stored clientside and therefore open for any manipulation or won't even get accepted/saved. Don't use them for this type of interaction. jQuery.ajax is a good start IMHO.

4/11/2011 5:47:43 PM

If AJAX isn't an option you can use nested data structures to simplify.

$var = array(
    'qwe' => 'asd',
    'asd' => array(
        1 => 2,
        3 => 4,
    'zxc' => 0,
<script>var data = <?php echo json_encode($var); ?>;</script>

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