Could not instantiate mail function. Why this error occurring


When I'm trying to send mail through PHPMailer, i'm getting this error message. My code is below:

require("phpmailer/class.phpmailer.php"); // First we require the PHPMailer libary in our script
$mail = new PHPMailer(); // Next we create a new object of the PHPMailer called $mail
$mail->From = "";
$mail->FromName = "Rajasekar";
$mail->AddAddress(""); // This is the adress to witch the email has to be send.
$mail->Subject = "First PHP Email message"; // This is the subject  of the email message.
$mail->Body = "Hi! \n\n This is my first e-mail sent through PHP."; // This is the actual email message
if(!$mail->Send()) // Now we send the email and check if it was send or not.
   echo 'Message was not sent.';
   echo 'Mailer error: ' . $mail->ErrorInfo;
   echo 'Message has been sent.';
4/16/2017 8:42:40 AM

In Ubuntu (at least 12.04) it seems sendmail is not installed by default. You will have to install it using the command sudo apt-get install sendmail-bin

You may also need to configure the proper permissions for it as mentioned above.

6/9/2012 6:55:32 PM

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