How to backup MySQL database in PHP?


I got this tutorial from the Internet. But I don't even have a basic understanding on how backup of a MySQL database through PHP would work.

Using PHP to Backup MySQL Databases

Can you recommend some sites that I can use as a reference so that I can study it?

1/22/2014 2:12:29 PM

While you can execute backup commands from PHP, they don't really have anything to do with PHP. It's all about MySQL.

I'd suggest using the mysqldump utility to back up your database. The documentation can be found here :

The basic usage of mysqldump is

mysqldump -u user_name -p name-of-database >file_to_write_to.sql

You can then restore the backup with a command like

mysql -u user_name -p <file_to_read_from.sql

Do you have access to cron? I'd suggest making a PHP script that runs mysqldump as a cron job. That would be something like



$result=exec('mysqldump database_name --password=your_pass --user=root --single-transaction >/var/backups/'.$filename,$output);

if($output==''){/* no output is good */}
else {/* we have something to log the output here*/}

If mysqldump is not available, the article describes another method, using the SELECT INTO OUTFILE and LOAD DATA INFILE commands. The only connection to PHP is that you're using PHP to connect to the database and execute the SQL commands. You could also do this from the command line MySQL program, the MySQL monitor.

It's pretty simple, you're writing an SQL file with one command, and loading/executing it when it's time to restore.

You can find the docs for select into outfile here (just search the page for outfile). LOAD DATA INFILE is essentially the reverse of this. See here for the docs.

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