CodeIgniter PHP Framework - Need to get query string


I'm creating an e-commerce site using CodeIgniter.

How should I get the query string?

I am using a Saferpay payment gateway. The gateway response will be like this:<IDP+MSGTYPE%3D"PayConfirm"+KEYID%3D"1-0"+ID%3D"KI2WSWAn5UG3vAQv80AdAbpplvnb"+TOKEN%3D"(unused)"+VTVERIFY%3D"(obsolete)"+IP%3D""+IPCOUNTRY%3D"IN"+AMOUNT%3D"832200"+CURRENCY%3D"CHF"+PROVIDERID%3D"90"+PROVIDERNAME%3D"Saferpay+Test+Card"+ACCOUNTID%3D"99867-94913159"+ECI%3D"2"+CCCOUNTRY%3D"XX"%2F>&SIGNATURE=bc8e253e2a8c9ee0271fc45daca05eecc43139be6e7d486f0d6f68a356865457a3afad86102a4d49cf2f6a33a8fc6513812e9bff23371432feace0580f55046c

To handle the response I need to get the query string data.

Sorry, I haven't explained the problem clearly. I am getting a 'Page not found' error while getting the response from the payment site after payment.

I have tried enabling with uri_protocol = 'PATH_INFO' and enable_query_strings = 'TRUE' in config.php. While googling I found this won't work if I use htaccess rewrite.

I have already tried changing the config entries, but it doesn't work.

7/26/2010 2:52:13 PM

You can get it like this:

$this->input->get('some_variable', TRUE);

See this for more info.

2/17/2016 11:26:09 PM

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