CodeIgniter: Hooks (pre_controller) loading helpers


I am trying to load the cookie helper in my pre_controller hook for a 'remember me' function on our site. I thought that creating an instance of the CI object with $ci =& get_instance(); would allow me to access to loading helpers but this is not the case.


 $ci =& get_instance();
 // does not load
2/4/2010 12:28:52 AM

Accepted Answer

The pre_controller hook executes before the super object has been fully constructed, so get_instance() can't work - the static object it returns a reference to hasn't yet been initialized.

Consider using the post_controller_constructor hook instead; your controller's constructor will have executed, and the CI super object will be available for use.

8/19/2011 4:04:54 PM

The problem with the post_controller_constructor is it runs after the constructor (funnily enough) and if you use Controller constructors for lots of things this can be a problem.

If it's not a problem for you (your helper wont affect anything run or loaded in your constructors) fair enough, if it IS a problem you have two solutions.

  1. Instead of the hook put your code in MY_Controller
  2. Create MY_Controller and add in a custom hook point.

    class MY_Controller extends Controller
        function MY_Controller()

Note that if you're using CodeIgniter 3.0 or later, the function _call_hook was renamed to call_hook.

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