Increase days to php current Date()


How do I add a certain number of days to the current date in PHP?

I already got the current date with:

$today = date('y:m:d');

Just need to add x number of days to it

8/26/2011 4:43:08 PM

Accepted Answer

php supports c style date functions. You can add or substract date-periods with English-language style phrases via the strtotime function. examples...


// add 3 days to date
$NewDate=Date('y:m:d', strtotime("+3 days"));

// subtract 3 days from date
$NewDate=Date('y:m:d', strtotime("-3 days"));

// PHP returns last sunday's date
$NewDate=Date('y:m:d', strtotime("Last Sunday"));

// One week from last sunday
$NewDate=Date('y:m:d', strtotime("+7 days Last Sunday"));


<select id="date_list" class="form-control" style="width:100%;">
$max_dates = 15;
$countDates = 0;
while ($countDates < $max_dates) {
    $NewDate=Date('F d, Y', strtotime("+".$countDates." days"));
    echo "<option>" . $NewDate . "</option>";
    $countDates += 1;

4/21/2018 3:34:24 AM

a day is 86400 seconds.

$tomorrow = date('y:m:d', time() + 86400);

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