How to turn off mysql errors from being displayed to screen in CodeIgniter


Even though error_reporting is set to 0, database errors are still being printed to screen. Is there a setting somewhere I can change to disable database error reporting? This is for CodeIgniter v1.6.x

EDIT: Re: Fixing errors - Um, yes. I want to fix the errors. I get error notices from my error log, not from what my visitors see printed to their screen. That helps no one, and hurts my system's security.

EDIT 2: Setting error_reporting to 0 does not affect CodeIgniter's built-in error logging class from writing to the error log.

10/13/2016 12:01:40 PM

Found the answer:

In config/database.php:

// ['db_debug'] TRUE/FALSE - Whether database errors should be displayed.


$db['default']['db_debug'] = FALSE;

... should disable.

7/23/2015 7:17:19 AM

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