Suggestions for (semi) securing high-scores in Flash/PHP game


...I have read a few threads on here that have discussed various methods and was just looking for some feedback on a proposed solution we came up with. In one of the threads a comment was posted recommending a public/private key which sounded great, this is what we were thinking...

Client Side - 1. Key is stored inside of Flash swf which is encrypted using 3rd party tool. 2. High score is hashed along with high-score value (EX: md5 ('ourSecretKey' + 200)) 3. This value is sent via AMF to a PHP script on the server, along with the high-score (200)

Server Side - 1. Server receives data and hashes the passed high-score (200) + secret key ('ourSecretKey' stored on the server as well as in Flash) and checks against the passed hash if the value is a match it allows the high-score to be entered, else FAIL.

I know this isn't a foolproof solution but would this be acceptable? I mean would this be sufficient security on a high-score form for a simple online Flash game? Thoughts?

Thank you in advance!

11/22/2008 8:07:07 AM

For a ridiculously short value ( Ie: values < 64 characters ), MD5 as a hash becomes ineffective due to rainbow table attacks, and as the value you're sending will be shared over the wire, all they have to do is brute force the shared secret ( and they have a known product to work with )

As such, thats not public key private key. its mererly shared secret.

Also, keep in mind this shared secret will be in your flash file you send to the user, which these days and be trivially disassembled and then your "secret" is not a secret any more.

You want a more challenge-response mechanism with proper crypto signing, where a new sign key is assigned for every game from the server, and multiple scores cannot be submitted with the same sign key. ( For extra protection ;) )

  1. User starts game. Sign key is requested. ( the sign key is produced from another key which they cant access ).
  2. Score is signed with sign key, and then sent
  3. You verify the value of the sign with the key you sent them.
  4. You discard the sign key you sent them.

However, you still have the problem where you have no way to prevent the actual scoring system being tampered with. Somebody smart enough could just reverse engineer your SWF object and inject new code that just sets the score to their chosen value.

11/19/2008 8:45:26 PM

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