PHP function to build query string from array



I'm looking for the name of the PHP function to build a query string from an array of key value pairs. Please note, I am looking for the built in PHP function to do this, not a homebrew one (that's all a google search seems to return). There is one, I just can't remember its name or find it on IIRC its name isn't that intuitive.

4/26/2013 4:20:02 PM

Accepted Answer

You're looking for http_build_query().

7/4/2012 7:27:23 PM

Here's a simple php4-friendly implementation:

* Builds an http query string.
* @param array $query  // of key value pairs to be used in the query
* @return string       // http query string.
function build_http_query( $query ){

    $query_array = array();

    foreach( $query as $key => $key_value ){

        $query_array[] = urlencode( $key ) . '=' . urlencode( $key_value );


    return implode( '&', $query_array );


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