PHP String to Float


I am not familiar with PHP at all and had a quick question.

I have 2 variables pricePerUnit and InvoicedUnits. Here's the code that is setting these to values:

$InvoicedUnits = ((string) $InvoiceLineItem->InvoicedUnits);
$pricePerUnit = ((string) $InvoiceLineItem->PricePerUnit);

If I output this, I get the correct values. Lets say 5000 invoiced units and 1.00 for price.

Now, I need to show the total amount spent. When I multiply these two together it doesn't work (as expected, these are strings).

But I have no clue how to parse/cast/convert variables in PHP.

What should I do?

6/28/2019 4:31:33 PM

Accepted Answer

$rootbeer = (float) $InvoicedUnits;

Should do it for you. Check out Type-Juggling. You should also read String conversion to Numbers.

10/21/2012 1:11:42 AM

You want the non-locale-aware floatval function:

float floatval ( mixed $var ) - Gets the float value of a string.


$string = '122.34343The';
$float  = floatval($string);
echo $float; // 122.34343

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