Charting libraries in PHP output to SVG or Canvas?


I'm looking for a charting library written in PHP that outputs to SVG (or Canvas), possibly for integration into an ExtJS project. I like the look of but it does bitmap output and is GPL licensed, which will probably be a show-stopper since the project is an internal commercial project.

Any suggestions?

1/31/2009 4:21:35 AM

I highly recommend a PHP + Flotr solution

You can pass JSON as output from PHP to Flotr, which is a JavaScript library that will draw the chart for you. It's incredibly fast, and it works very well, especially when you need to update your chart on the fly with modifications to your metrics.

Because Flotr is a JS library, all you have to do after your page is loaded is update it on the client-side or run a quick Ajax request back to the server for additional data points.

Here's an example of Flotr pulling JSON data on-the-fly using ajax:

While I prefer Flotr + PHP, there's also a full-featured charting library for PHP that works in roughly the same way, but it's wrapped up as one complete library (JS + PHP):

6/18/2012 11:01:54 PM

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