Do AJAX requests retain PHP Session info?


If I had a user logged onto my site, having his id stored in $_SESSION, and from his browser he clicked a 'Save' button which would make an AJAX request to the server. Will his $_SESSION and cookies be retained in this request, and can I safely rely on the id being present in the $_SESSION?

3/24/2009 10:39:58 AM

Accepted Answer

The answer is yes:

Sessions are maintained server-side. As far as the server is concerned, there is no difference between an AJAX request and a regular page request. They are both HTTP requests, and they both contain cookie information in the header in the same way.

From the client side, the same cookies will always be sent to the server whether it's a regular request or an AJAX request. The Javascript code does not need to do anything special or even to be aware of this happening, it just works the same as it does with regular requests.

11/20/2012 3:50:42 AM

What you're really getting at is: are cookies sent to with the AJAX request? Assuming the AJAX request is to the same domain (or within the domain constraints of the cookie), the answer is yes. So AJAX requests back to the same server do retain the same session info (assuming the called scripts issue a session_start() as per any other PHP script wanting access to session information).

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