Can HTML be embedded inside PHP "if" statement?


I would like to embed HTML inside a PHP if statement, if it's even possible, because I'm thinking the HTML would appear before the PHP if statement is executed.

I'm trying to access a table in a database. I created a pulldown menu in HTML that lists all the tables in the database and once I select the table from the pulldown, I hit the submit button.

I use the isset function to see if the submit button has been pressed and run a loop in PHP to display the contents of the table in the database. So at this point I have the complete table but I want to run some more queries on this table. Hence the reason I'm trying to execute more HTML inside the if statement. Ultimately, I'm trying to either update (1 or more contents in a row or multiple rows) or delete (1 or more rows) contents in the table. What I'm trying to do is create another pulldown that corresponded to a column in a table to make the table search easier and radio buttons that correspond to whether I'd like to update or delete contents in the table.

3/7/2015 5:17:39 PM

<?php if($condition) : ?>
    <a href="">This will only display if $condition is true</a>
<?php endif; ?>

By request, here's elseif and else (which you can also find in the docs)

<?php if($condition) : ?>
    <a href="">This will only display if $condition is true</a>
<?php elseif($anotherCondition) : ?>
    more html
<?php else : ?>
    even more html
<?php endif; ?>

It's that simple.

The HTML will only be displayed if the condition is satisfied.

3/22/2013 11:14:29 PM

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