Is there a difference between apache module vs cgi (concerning security)?


E.g. Is it more secure to use mod_php instead of php-cgi? Or is it more secure to use mod_perl instead of traditional cgi-scripts?

I'm mainly interested in security concerns, but speed might be an issue if there are significant differences.

8/16/2017 11:36:16 AM

Accepted Answer

Security in what sense? Either way it really depends on what script is running and how well it is written. Too many scripts these days are half-assed and do not properly do input validation.

I personally prefer FastCGI to mod_php since if a FastCGI process dies a new one will get spawned, whereas I have seen mod_php kill the entirety of Apache.

As for security, with FastCGI you could technically run the php process under a different user from the default web servers user.

On a seperate note, if you are using Apache's new worker threading support you will want to make sure that you are not using mod_php as some of the extensions are not thread safe and will cause race conditions.

9/16/2008 11:02:53 PM

If you run your own server go the module way, it's somewhat faster. If you're on a shared server the decision has already been taken for you, usually on the CGI side. The reason for this are filesystem permissions. PHP as a module runs with the permissions of the http server (usually 'apache') and unless you can chmod your scripts to that user you have to chmod them to 777 - world readable. This means, alas, that your server neighbour can take a look at them - think of where you store the database access password. Most shared servers have solved this using stuff like phpsuexec and such, which run scripts with the permissions of the script owner, so you can (must) have your code chmoded to 644. Phpsuexec runs only with PHP as CGI - that's more or less all, it's just a local machine thing - makes no difference to the world at large.

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