Upload Progress Bar in PHP


Does anyone know how to get a progress bar for an upload in php? I am trying writing code for a photo album uploader. I would like a progress bar to display while the photos are uploading.

I am fairly new to php so I dont know everything about it.

4/30/2012 12:42:10 AM

Accepted Answer

This is by far (after hours of googling and trying scripts) the simplest to set up and nicest uploader I've found


It doesn't require APC or any other external PHP libraries, I can get file progress feedback on a shared host, and it claims to support html5 drag and drop (personally untested) and multiple file uploads.

6/29/2016 3:35:55 AM

If you have APC installed, it has a callback hook for upload progress.

Rasmus Lerdorf (PHP's creator) has a sample of this using YUI (oh, and here's the PHP source).

See the documentation here.

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