How do you debug PHP scripts?


How do you debug PHP scripts?

I am aware of basic debugging such as using the Error Reporting. The breakpoint debugging in PHPEclipse is also quite useful.

What is the best (in terms of fast and easy) way to debug in phpStorm or any other IDE?

6/4/2015 10:18:02 AM

Accepted Answer

Try Eclipse PDT to setup an Eclipse environment that has debugging features like you mentioned. The ability to step into the code is a much better way to debug then the old method of var_dump and print at various points to see where your flow goes wrong. When all else fails though and all I have is SSH and vim I still var_dump()/die() to find where the code goes south.

3/2/2016 5:37:24 AM

You can use Firephp an add-on to firebug to debug php in the same environment as javascript.

I also use Xdebug mentioned earlier for profiling php.

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